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 how to survive?

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how to survive? Empty
PostSubject: how to survive?   how to survive? Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2009 2:10 am

well...dont expect to survive Wink
untill you get at least to level 70,you'll have no chance of beating wave 17,specially alone.
This server is made to be a cooperation server,where it is important to work together to get the best wops, artifacts,and protect each other, kill together.
The idea is to make a server that is impossible to win,unless you have at least 5-6 players level 70+,who work together
also,because of the high % of wave progression (12% more every wave), i suspect it will be impossible for anyone to get to level 100...this adds to the balance of gameplay,as does the starting level of 25.
currently i am level 78,to get to 79 i need like 33 000 exp,or something like that...with 12% more for 80,and 12%more for 81...by the time i get to 100 ill need 200 000 exp for 1 level Wink
If you like invasions where you kill queens and titans with 3 minigun bullets and get 10 levels in one day- RPG invasion of hell isnt for u :p

as a start i'd reccomend getting at least 300 DR
regeneration,vampire,ressuply are a must
DENIAL level 2-the best ability there is!!
also usefull-adren drip,adren surge

one thing that players ignore- quickfoot and powerjump. Ok level 2 wont do much difference,but level 3 or max will make it impossible for titan rocks to hit you,because you move almost as fast as they do. Together with airmaster ability,and powerjump you dodge anything- warlord rockets,titan rocks,queen bullets...the open areas become your friend
well...dodge almost everything. Skaarj-type monsters are always a pain in the neck no matter how fast u are

supermonsters,like the super stone titan in wave 14,have A LOT more hit points than regular monsters. Don't expect to be able to kill them fast alone-work together!
Also-the supermonsters are 10-20% slower than regular monsters-use that to your advantage (apart from big Puppae).
choose an area that will be the base,where all monsters die quickest Wink and you all can come and regenerate,raise...

also load energy,at least 1,in your wops-will give you lots of adren for necro combo,artifacts...
poison-for weaker players-a good way to do damage to monsters that have too much damage reduction to hurt them with normal weapons. Works very good with a mine layer wop,loaded with 5-6 poisons and shoot from a safe place Smile

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how to survive? Empty
PostSubject: Re: how to survive?   how to survive? Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2009 1:10 pm

1 Tipp in the Map DM-Desertwar-Final :
In the last Wave ( 17 ) with the Warlords, go in the Tower ( coution with the Elevator, it crash you sometimes ) stay in the Window on the right Site and shoot the Warlords with InstaGibRifle. They don't hit you much when you are in the Window Wink
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how to survive?
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